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The cellulose fibers in Fodder

Do you want to be a modern, ecological breeder? Use natural ingredients in the diet of pigs, cattle and poultry. Only natural raw fibers added to fodder have such a positive impact on the microflora and gastrointestinal health of livestock. They are recognized as essential ingredients for animal feed, which cannot be missing in your household nutritional practices.

    The appropriate level of fiber in feed is an element which has:
  • a positive effect on gastrointestinal motility,
  • is responsible for the proper faeces,
  • reduces the number of urinary tract infections,
  • has a high swelling characteristics which gives a feeling of fullness,
  • allows you to control the amount of feed eaten by birds
  • physically binds to 10 parts of water
  • accelerates weight gain

So be innovative - combine business with pleasure - ecological with profitable. Thanks to the fibers in the feed nature will allow you to succeed. You will get a significant improvement in efficiency through faster weight gain, increased feed conversion and carcass yield. Try to find out!

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