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Natural cellulose fibers in Animal feed

This fiber is still underrated ingredient in animal feed. It helps to maintain health and enhance the quality of life of our beloved household pets, especially the man's best friends: dogs and cats. Do a huge favor to your pet giving him food rich in beneficial properties of our fiber.

    This microscopic natural wealth can do:
  • Ensure proper bowel movements,
  • Modulate bacterial flora and the functioning of the immune system,
  • Reduce the amount of spoilage bacteria that reside in the gut as much as 20%,
  • Reduce the level of sulfur compounds in the faeces of 1/5,
  • Reduce the unpleasant smell of feces in the litter box,
  • Stimulate the excretion of undigested food residues,
  • Eliminate constipation,
  • Reduce excessive appetite of the animal.

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