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Cellulose fibers - a brilliant product and solution for everyone. They can be used in almost every industry and technology.

Cellulose is a natural polymer composed of molecules of D-glucose linked by (1,4)-β-glycosidic bonds. It occurs in plant tissues as their primary structural material. The molecular weight of cellulosic material has a substantial impact on the physical properties of cellulose and its derivatives, depending on the source and methods of processing.

Cellulose is a very valuable raw material. It is used in three forms: raw, processed mechanically or chemically.

The cellulosic fibers have universal properties. They can be used as an abrasive, absorber, binder, filler, stabilizer, thickener, enhancer. They can be also used as an anti-caking agent, disintegrant, drainage, drying, granulating agent.

High functionality of natural fibers stands for:

1. Versatility - one component fulfills several functions in the target product

2. High efficiency,

3. No need for complex processing,

4. Improving the quality and quantity of the target product, It is cheaper and easier than ever before.


In response to the growing needs of the market, we want to meet new challenges and offer our customers a great, innovative product. We provide organic fibers in many forms that are optimal for further use. We adapt the functionality and characteristics of the product to the customer's requirements and further use. Our fibers are derived from renewable sources. They are ecological products of the highest quality, created and used in environmentally friendly technology. Our product offers customers the possibility to constantly develop and implement their own innovative ideas and technology, saving time, energy and costs. Using renewable ecological characteristics of organic fibers, the vision of the natural balance between resources and consumption is becoming a reality

Natural cellulose fibers - Dietary fiber

Natural cellulose fibers in Fodder

Natural cellulose fibers in Animal feed

Chemicals for Building Industry

Roads Industry

Natural cellulose fibers - Wood fiber