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About us

About us

INWACO Sp. z o.o is a company with Polish capital, created by people for whom life is a passion. We have had extensive experience in industry. Our management team have been engaged in processing of raw materials for many years. INWACO company offers the highest quality natural insoluble fiber. We provide natural fibers for chemical, construction, paper and road industry as well as to feed animals. We have modern factory to process cellulosic fibers with a capacity of 500 tons per month. We provide natural fibers for chemical, construction, paper and roads industry as well as to feed animals. Our products offer customers the ability to constantly develop and implement their own innovative ideas and technology, save time, energy and costs. Using renewable ecological characteristics of organic fibers, the vision of the natural balance between resources and consumption is becoming a reality.


Cellulose is mainly associated with the textile and paper industry. But it is also fiber, also known as fiber tract. Dietary fiber is not just one substance, but the entire group with a common name. Functions and characteristics of the fiber fraction is not identical. It's part of natural foods, resistant to digestion in the human digestive tract. This fiber is not digested and do not dissolve in water and still plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the whole organism. More >>

This fiber is still underrated ingredient in animal feed. It helps to maintain health and enhance the quality of life of our beloved household pets, especially the man's best friends: dogs and cats. More >>

Do you want to be a modern, ecological breeder? Use natural ingredients in the diet of pigs, cattle and poultry. Only natural raw fibers added to fodder have such a positive impact on the microflora and gastrointestinal health of livestock. They are recognized as essential ingredients for animal feed, which cannot be missing in your household nutritional practices. More >>

FIBRAT® Industrial cellulose fibers produced by INWACO Sp. z o.o have been applied in many areas and production processes including the production of many chemicals for building Industry. More >>

The cellulosic fibers are indispensable in the road industry as well. They are used mainly as a stabilizer. When mixed with aggregate and asphalt immediate effectiveness is their main advantage. The cellulose fibers in the bituminous mix allow to maintain asphalt on aggregate’s grain. They do not allow the runoff also during storage and transport of ready-mix asphalt. More >>

We produce natural fibers to obtain a very pure products for a wide variety of applications using the procedures purely mechanical. Our products are made from softwood and hardwood. More >>