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Chemicals for Building Industry

FIBRAT® Industrial cellulose fibers produced by INWACO Sp. z o.o have been applied in many areas and production processes including the production of many chemicals for building Industry.

The use of fibers in individual products results in various properties of the product :

    Plasters, fillers, grout, putty :
  • Better workability
  • Improved structure (sharp edges)
  • Increased strength and performance
  • Extended mix stability
  • Suppressing cracking and shrinkage

  • Reduction of splashing through the effective density
  • Increased opacity due to the higher density of the coating
  • Increased resistance to cracking, abrasion
  • Matting additive

    Mortars, tile adhesives:
  • Easier machinability
  • Increased adhesive strength
  • Longer lifetime
  • Increased stickiness
  • Increased water retention in the mortar

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